Great California Blends

MANCAN sources great California grapes for a set of specially-designed blends: a light and refreshing white, a rich and satisfying red, a bright and delicious fizz, and a subtly sweet, thirst quenching rosé. We probably could have skimped with wine that tastes just OK. We didn’t. This wine is delicious and easy to drink. It’s your everyday wine.

Consistently great, consistently

We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about how your wine will taste. That’s why we blend our wine to match our specific taste profile – so we can ensure that it will have the same great taste can after can, year after year. You don’t spend time wondering how your favorite beer will taste each time you order it. Why do that with your favorite wine?

Why Cans?

Cans are easier to drink from and to take with you, and they eliminate the barriers of stemware and corkscrews. Cans are also 35x lighter than wine bottles which means they’re easier to ship, and they create fewer carbon emissions. Cans are also far easier to recycle than glass or plastic containers.

Does it affect the taste?

No way. All of our cans have a special lining on the interior, so the wine never touches aluminum, and the taste isn’t affected. Same great taste if you pour it into a tumbler glass or swig it straight from the can like we do.