The Bar Problem

Out with a friend at a bar, Graham wished he could order wine as he wanted the convenience of a can. Why were there great craft beers in cans but no wine? He bought that night.  The next day he called his three brothers to see what they thought of the idea. One of them remarked, “I’d fill my fridge with that in a heartbeat.” 

"I wish I could get wine in a can"

"If not us, then who?"

California Grapes

Graham, his wife Marika and his childhood friend Fisk decide to go for it. They source their grapes in California to make sure they’re getting the best product. Marika also grew up in California, so they can crash with her parents during production.

Cleveland Pride

They do a homage to Graham and Marika’s firehouse home in Cleveland, OH on the label. Their dog Gracey makes the cut too, of course.

"The dog stays in the picture."

"Build it how we would want it"

Great wine, great price.

MANCAN is super drinkable wine in a can that’s good every time, can go anywhere with you, and doesn’t break the bank. It’s everything you want and nothing you don’t.